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A unique intelligence firm working across sectors world wide

Our services

We believe in the power of local knowledge, utilising a dynamic network of investigators, researchers and analysts globally to bolster our investigations teams.

Services we offer:

Environmental Investigations

We assist organisations and governmental bodies by conducting investigations into environmental abuses around the world or verifying the ESG credentials of potential investments.

Due Diligence

Our on the ground investigations are critical for our clients to conduct accurate and effective due diligence on their interests.

Supply Chain Analysis

We utilise local human intelligence to evaluate and monitor our clients complex supply chains to give accurate warnings of potential abuse or malpractice.

Litigation support

Leveraging our network, we can assist complex global environmental + social litigation by providing local insight and intelligence for proceedings.

Political risk

Our global network works to obtain unique insight into political movements. We are especially concerned with shifting policies but are adept at contextualising in order to understand future trends.

Special Investigation

We understand that our clients needs may not fit into our regular categories. We are adaptable and can offer bespoke services based around utilising our network and investigative skills.

Cases Studies

Due diligence

Cases Studies

Covid 19 financial investigation

Cases Studies

Supply Chain Analysis

About us

We are community managers and business intelligence professionals, environmental consultants, financial journalists and project managers.

Our clients range from investment funds and law firms to brands and corporate entities. We empower decision makers with information gathered through unrivalled access and provide a means to keep that information updated via on the ground resources.

We believe our combination of traditional intelligence gathering techniques with a dynamic global resource sets us apart.

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Our multilingual management teams are based in London and Barcelona, with additional project managers in USA and Singapore

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