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Case studies

Due Diligence

An American impact investment fund was looking at five agriculture projects in the MENA region. They wanted to be sure that the potential investments shared their values and ESG standards.

The fund hired LGA to use our investigators in the five different countries to conduct undercover due diligence investigations. We spoke to current staff, business partners and local officials. Two of the companies had previous issues with corruption and pesticide usage. The client dropped them from the investment round and avoided reputational risk issues.

Covid 19 financial investigation

Our client is a hedge fund with a large investment position in several companies based in an Asian country. As a result of the impact COVID 19, they are very worried about how the economic situation will impact the performance of their portfolio.

The government where their investment is, has been discussing a large scale debt rescue plan in order to accelerate recovery. This would be a life saver for our client and their companies, who otherwise might not survive the crisis. The details are unclear, as is the level of commitment by the government bailout plan. Given the uncertainty, our client asked LGA to put together a team of investigators to get details on the situation to bring some clarity for their decision making. We were able to speak to the relevant stakeholders to map out a clear picture of the bailout plan and level of commitment. As a result, the fund was able to make a clear strategy for how to weather the crisis going forward.

Supply Chain Analysis

A large international clothing company has several factory suppliers in South East Asia.

They would like to carry out a routine supply chain assessment to make sure that the suppliers share their ESG values and minimise reputational risks. LGA investigators launch clandestine investigations into the factories and uncovers labour rights issues in one of them and the use of banned chemicals in another. The supplier contracts of these factories are cancels and the client avoids potential issues.

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